Brunch Decor Ideas. How to decorate the table and why

Recently I have often found myself having to organize brunches or buffets. After the first moment of panic, I figured out how to decorate the brunch table perfectly.

In this article, I share my ideas and suggestions on how to decorate brunch with you.


How to choose the theme for your brunch

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First, we must ask ourselves if we will set it up outdoors or indoors because this difference is already substantial together with the season we find ourselves. The last aspect to consider and for which event are we setting up the brunch or buffet?

Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or a weekend brunch, it will also affect our table decoration choices.

How to decorate a brunch table

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The choice of elements depends on the factors listed above and the dishes we will put on the table. Food will be the main decoration element in some of the solutions we will see shortly.

I have selected some brunch inspirations for you to analyze to recreate a similar theme.

The elements of a brunch table

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At a brunch table, we will find:

  • cutlery and plates for each course and often a decorative placemat
  • glasses, often in the very elaborate glass but also in the tin or gold lacquered
  • flower bouquets, both in pots and in bundles placed on the tables
  • Candles and candlesticks are always in tune with the table
  • Table runners that often alternate with a complete tablecloth
  • Printed menus or decorative food labels
  • Glass dessert stands as well as often found glass containers for sweets and cookies
  • matching napkins and napkin holders

Classic floral brunch

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In this table composition, we can see the light purple linen runner.

on which the decorations “flow.”

The decorations are made up of simple, gold-colored candle holders with white and rigorously extinguished candles. They serve only as a scenographic effect.

Then there are different floral compositions, all perfectly homogeneous in colors and style.

White bottle-shaped vases for long flowers and gold-rimmed glasses for short flowers. The flowers are in shades of white, pink, and yellow.

There are also some more ornamental cookies than on the menu. They are wisely decorated with the colors of the table.

Finally, a look at the post office. The elaborate white glass accompanies white plates with pink decorations. Pink is also the color of the napkin holder, while the golden cutlery takes up the details of the lamp holder and the small vase.

The dishes as decoration

This particular choice is to place the dishes themselves as a brunch decoration. This buffet is an invitation to finger food, and the first glance is that of great luxury.

starting from the bottom, we can see an expanse of mixed fruit and different seasons (I do not recommend combining fruit from different seasons, both for the costs and for the healthiness of the thing)

Of sure, impact.

Continuing along the edge, we see that the opposite corner is set up with sweets of all kinds, starting with toasted bread that serves in conjunction with fruit to move on to more complex desserts but always strictly finger food.

The table is surmounted by a wooden backsplash with full goblets on top, ready to be taken.

The yellow color of the drink goes perfectly with the fruit composition.

Finally, a look at the decorations where tall golden candle holders are used to get out of the context of the food. Tall and white like candles, the flowers in the vases.

Outdoor Brunch Decor

In this autumn outdoor brunch design, everything reminds us of autumn in a mix of decorative colors.

The turquoise tablecloth and the gray and cream plates and cutlery. Everything returns to autumn,

Including floral decorations with yellow, brown, and dried flowers. Even the orange candles are not there by chance.

Birthday brunch decoration

I organized a brunch for a birthday, and I must say it was a fabulous party.

So I propose this idea of ​​a birthday brunch decoration, very simple and very girly.

The detail of the place is charming. The dishes are reminiscent of flowers as well as the napkin holder. The golden cutlery echoes the brown and golden details of the napkin and placemat.

In the center is a table runner with all the decorations, including these cute pink lotus candles to keep the floral theme.

And floral is also the tall decorations with white and pink flower vases alternating with single candelabra with large pink candles.

This design is missing a cake stand, and I would add some birthday cards.

minimal brunch decor

you can also create minimal decorations like in this case

Simply a plate and a glass and for decorations, small candles and aluminum vases with a bouquet of daisies. The rustic wood table and a few small pieces of bark here and there complete the design. Even if meager, the result is the right one, and with the arrival of the dishes, everything comes alive.

Ladies brunch decorating ideas

This version of brunch or buffet is dedicated to girls. Everything is feminine in this composition.

From floral arrangements to the golden napkin holder and pink trays. Pink and white stand with fruit and always pink and white trays of sweets alternate to create the right balance between “sacred and profane” after all, we must also satisfy our feelings of guilt;)


I have shown you some decorating ideas for brunch or buffet tables. Many other variations can be created, the final advice is always to create harmony and in the case of special events such as weddings, birthdays, etc., create some small details that remind them, will make everything even more special.

Send me photos of your brunch decoration, so maybe we can add them to the article.

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