White Cabinets Dark Counters Ideas

If you are reading this article, it means that the contrast works. Black words on a white sheet, whether paper or smartphone, don’t change much. Contrast helps our eyes to notice and stand out. Home design is no exception. The contrast works. In this article, I’ll show some inspirational examples of white kitchens with a black countertop.


Can I put a black countertop in a kitchen with white cabinets?

I can’t say you have to because every kitchen has its own story, but I can certainly tell you you can. Combining a black countertop with a kitchen with white cabinets is a winning combination.

White is the primary color for the kitchen. Still, generally, you avoid using a white or light color for the other elements to avoid a style that is too flat and sterile. At the same time, a dark or black countertop highlights the kitchen. Itself, perhaps joining with the color of other details and ornaments present.

What material should I choose for my black kitchen counter?

Assuming that your kitchen is made of wood or veneer, you can use a material such as black marble, onyx, quartzite, or plastic laminates for your black countertop.

Kitchens with white cabinets and black countertop

floor in black marble

Black marble is a prestigious and classy solution. Your black marble countertop will need more attention, but your kitchen will be top-class.

This white kitchen with black marble is perfect for a slightly modern French country style, where elements of the past combine with the contemporary. The class of black marble completes the whole.

Small cottage kitchen, with white cabinets and black marble countertops. The black marble sink seems to disappear from the eye, an exciting solution.

Another kitchen solution with white cabinets and a black marble countertop. This solution is very suitable for modern but classy kitchens. Black marble is a statement for any kitchen.

Platform in black onyx

Onyx-like black marble is very delicate and, therefore, not among the simplest materials for a kitchen counter. After all, however, its scenic effect can offset its flaws, even though the black color is gleaming and bright.

This beautiful white kitchen with a black onyx countertop is very shiny and bright despite its color.

Black laminate floor

Laminate is one of the most popular choices because the material is resistant to acids and liquids, and the cost is much lower. Here are some kitchens with white cabinets and black laminate tops.

In this beautiful kitchen with a black laminate top and white cabinets, you can get a very balanced contrast, also helped by the black color of the stove and oven.

Beautiful and interesting, the laminate from IKEA creates an elegant effect at a low cost. Go to the IKEA website for more details.

Another solution with a black laminate floor. The result is a soft design with just the proper contrast.

Paint and Adhesives

Looking at this photo, would you believe it if I told you that it is a painting?

Well, that’s it, it’s just a black marble effect paint. Paint and stickers are a great way to try the effect without upsetting the kitchen. But remember that once painted, your old floor cannot go back.

You can buy the entire kit on Amazon. If the kit is not available, you can always write to me, and I will find the suitable replacement for you 🙂


We have seen how a kitchen with white furniture can be enhanced by a black countertop in any material, even with paint.

Now it’s up to you to declare your style.

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