How instant calculates square feet. Easy Formula and Online Calculator

I often find myself having to calculate the area of ​​a room for my home decor projects. Given the importance of this calculation, I decided to share with you the simple formula and a practical online calculator to get an immediate answer.


How to calculate square footage

To calculate the square footage of any area, simply multiply the length by the width of the area. To give a practical example, in a rectangular room where the sides measure 10ft and 6ft, respectively, the resulting area will be 60 square feet (10×6 = 60).

10 ft x 6 ft = 60 square feet

Rooms of different geometric shapes

This one that I have represented is obviously the most common cause. Still, some rooms have irregularities or different geometric shapes, such as triangular or oval.
In this case, the basic geometry comes to the rescue, we just need to know the formula of the area of ​​the geometric shape, and voila n, our area is calculated.
For example, in a triangular room, assuming it has two sides of the same size, we just need to multiply the measurement of one of the two equal sides by the other side and divide the result by 2.
A practical example, in a room with sides of 5ft, 6ft, and 6ft, our area will be (6×5) / 2 = 15

(6 ft x 5 ft ) / 2 = 15 square feet

While on the other hand, if we were to renovate an Oval Room, such as the White House, the calculation of the area would be slightly more complex. We must first determine the length and height of our oval, divide them by two and multiply them, and finally multiply by pi.
In a simple example, if the length is 10ft and the width is 6ft, we will have to divide them by two and multiply them, so 5×3 = 15. At this point, we need to multiply the result by pi, and then our area in square feet will be: 15×3, 14 = 47.1 square feet.

[(10 ft / 2 ) x ( 6 ft / 2 ) ] x 3,14 = 47,1 square feet

Different units of measure

Suppose you need different units of measurement, such as inches or square meters. In that case, you can use the appropriate multiplier of the ratio between the two units of measurement or, much more simply, convert everything using the calculator on this page.

If I need the cubic area, how do I calculate it?

Instead, we often need to calculate the cubic area of ​​a room. In this case, it will be enough to take our previously calculated area and multiply it by the height.
Taking the initial example with an area of ​​60 square feet and assuming a room height of 10ft, the cubic area will be 600 cubic feet.

Why is it useful to know the square footage of a room?

We will often find ourselves having to calculate the square footage of a room or its cubature for our home decor projects, both for more invasive interventions such as the replacement of the floor or the painting of the walls also to calculate the overall dimensions and measurements of our furniture in the design phase.
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