White tiles Black grout

There’s something about black grout that makes white tiles pop. Maybe it’s the stark contrast or how it makes the tiles look cleaner and fresher. Whatever the reason, we’re seeing more and more black grout in home design, especially in bathrooms.

If you’re considering using black grout in your next tile project, everything you need to know. We’ll cover the pros and cons, how to choose the right tile, and share some inspiring photos to get you started.

Pros and Cons

The black mortar creates a sure contrast with a combined effect with the white tiles. The visual impact is undoubtedly pleasant, but unfortunately, there are also contraindications.
You should know that black mortar, even if carefully sealed with a grout sealant, tends to fade over time, especially if in contact with water, such as in the shower cabin or behind the sink.
If you are not a perfectionist, you may also like the effect. Otherwise, we do not recommend using black mortar.
Let’s see some looks with white tiles and black mortar that you can adapt to your kitchens or bathrooms.


Minimal Bathroom

This bathroom is extremely minimalistic and modern, with an all-white color scheme and black grout on the walls. This creates a very sleek and clean look perfect for any contemporary home. The only other element in this room is the black hexagon floor tile, which ties in nicely with the grout. This is a very unique and attractive design choice that really makes this space stand out. Overall, this is a straightforward but effective design perfect for anyone looking to create a spa-like atmosphere in their bathroom.

White kitchen with black accent

This kitchen has a sleek and modern look, with white cabinets and black accents. The black grout on the white tiles is a unique touch that makes this space pop. The black countertops and appliances greatly contrast the white cabinets and walls. This creates a very bold and eye-catching look perfect for any modern home. Overall, this is a very stylish and contemporary kitchen, perfect for anyone looking to make a statement.

Ties nicely

This bathroom design is perfect for anyone looking for a modern and stylish space. The hexagonal shower floor tile is a great choice that ties in nicely with the subway tile walls. The use of white subway tile with dark gray or black grout is perfect given the theme. This creates a very sleek and clean look that is perfect for any contemporary home.

Tiles as a bridge

This kitchen is absolutely stunning! The black cabinets are gorgeous and statement, while the gold accents add just the true luxury. The white tiles with black grout help connect the kitchen with the rest of the white wall and shelves, creating a cohesive look. We love how this space is both modern and glamorous, and it would be perfect for anyone who loves to entertain. The black and white color scheme is really chic and would be perfect for any fashionable home.

Big Tiles

This bathroom is highly modern and stylish, with a large white tile backsplash and black grout that really makes a statement. The black fixtures are a nice touch that ties in with the rest of the space, and the built-in shelves with mosaic tile inset are a great way to add some extra storage. This is an excellent design for anyone who wants to create a contemporary look in their bathroom.

Vertical Tiles

This bathroom has a unique design, with the white tiles positioned vertically instead of horizontally. This creates a very eye-catching look that is perfect for anyone wanting to make a statement in their bathroom. The black elements and black mottled floor complete the look and nicely ties everything together. This very modern and contemporary design would be perfect for any home.

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