Is it safe and correct to put a TV in front of the window?

Ok, we have to review this matter of the TV in front of the window for a moment. Often, even in interior design, there is a bad habit of thinking of the TV in front of the window as an abomination, but this is not the case. In this article, we will explain how to position a TV in front of a window and make it aesthetically right.

Is it safe to put a TV in front of a window?

But let’s start by talking about safety first. There are some precautions and details to consider when it comes to the safety of your television.

There are no safety problems for people unless the TV is at risk of contact with the rain, risking a short on the domestic system.

As for the safety of the TV, just ensure that when the windows open, they do not hit the TV. Also, ensure that the windows do not have too much slow effect on the TV.

Even if the new TVs heat up less than the old ones, the sunlight widens the window and could damage your device. For the rest, the usual safety recommendations apply like any other place in the room.

Can You Put a TV in Front of a Window?

As we said at the beginning of the article, putting the TV in front of the window is not monstrous, but, indeed, it is not the best solution. It should be adopted only if forced by the impediment of not having a better alternative.

The glaring problem is real if you place the TV in front of the window and the safety issues mentioned above. After all, glare can be reduced or eliminated by using thicker or thinner curtains to dim when you want to watch TV.

in this case, a thick curtain covers the window if necessary, allowing a correct view

The TV in front of the window also has the disadvantage of limiting the window itself because it is partially covered by the TV and the furniture that supports it.

In this article, we will show you some inspirational photos on how to combine a TV in front of the window, limiting the adverse effects in terms of use and design.

In this case, the curtain is lighter and allows some light to filter. However, depending on the time and orientation of the window, it can still be an excellent solution.

If Your Room Has Several Windows

You can consider different solutions if your room has more than one window. For example, if there is a sufficiently large corner between the two windows to contain the TV, you may have solved your problem.

in this solution, the corner, not even too large, is used to contain the TV so as to shade it while keeping the windows open

Or you can put your TV on a low cabinet or on a rail; in these cases, it is better to opt for the less valuable or less bright window to not ruin the whole scenic effect of having more windows.

In this photo, you can see an adjustable track to position the TV between the two windows, taking up as little space as possible and possibly orienting it at will.

This design solution places the TV above the fireplace and between the two windows . Putting the TV over the fireplace is another solution discussed in this article.

Another type of track, but this one only swings vertically.


As we have seen, it is possible to put the TV in front of the window without too much drama. However, the advice I have to give you, if the view outside is lovely, better turn off or remove the TV and enjoy the world out there.

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