Best Scrap Wood Storage DIY Projects

When it comes to home decor, we will have to deal with wood and its processing sooner or later. And what happens when we work with wood? Simple leftover of the waste wood. The pile of waste wood increases as time passes until it invades our space.

Fortunately, there is the possibility of using a part of those waste woods to build support for the conservation of waste wood. In this article, we have collected the best tutorials and projects for you to make your own waste wood storage support yourself.

Before starting

We list the most used tools to carry out the following projects:


Should wood be stored flat or upright?

In general, it is best to store wood flat.

We must always consider heat, humidity, and gravity when storing wood.

As long as the wood has not reached its optimum dryness level, it will be more humid, and therefore too hot air could absorb a lot of moisture.

Wood is very flexible and is more elastic when wet than when dry. If you stack, the woods standing their weight will tend to curve over time, which is why it is preferable to store the woods in a flat position.

How do you store wood so it doesn’t warp?

Simplifying, if the wood is fresh, store it horizontally and stack it with equally spaced sticks to evenly distribute the weight.
You can also store the wood vertically without problems if the wood is dry.

How do you store scrap wood?

Unused wood is often ignored for too long and stacked haphazardly, eventually ruining it, sometimes irretrievably.

To save waste wood, we need to store it properly. As we have seen previously, the best way to keep wood is to place it horizontally and spaced equidistantly.

Hence, the best Scrap Wood Storage is on the wall or ceiling. In fact, not only do these types of storage allow you to keep the woods horizontally but they are also raised from the floor, preventing the wood from coming into contact with humidity.

As an alternative to these solutions, you can find Diy projects for the creation of Scrap Wood Storage, where you can also store the woods vertically. In this case, the best ones allow you not to flex the boards and move the storage at will, thanks to the special wheels.

Storing unused lumber well is essential to prevent it from warping and bending. The straighter your lumber, the less you’ll need to plan or cut when it’s time to use it. Damaged lumber is often irrecoverable, so money is thrown down the drain that started in good condition.

What are the best DIY projects for scrap wood storage?

Below are the best projects for storing DIY scrap wood.

Easy Wood Rack DIY

Of those on wheels, it is one of my favorites. You can store thin woods horizontally, large vertical, inclined boards, and a compartment for vertically stacking dry or immediate-use woods.
Very well cared for, you can find the plan at this link: Get Plans


In this project, I like that there are horizontal and vertical compartments angled so that they can store woods of varying degrees of dryness. In addition, the wheels allow you to move it with total ease.
You can download the complete plan at this link:

Rolling Scrap Horizontal Cart DIY

What I like about this trolley is the possibility of stacking them horizontally on various shelves distributing the weight. It is the equivalent on wheels of the wall version.

Lumber Rack with Scrap Storage DIY

This project may be for you if you have a wall available. You can store your waste wood horizontally without contaminating soil moisture.

Scrap Wood Lumber Storage Cart DIY

Another solution on wheels is huge and well finished. There are both horizontal and vertical compartments and oblique for the large wide tables.
Unfortunately, the plan for this project is paid, even if it costs only $ 10

Scrap Wood Lumber Storage Cart DIY

A ceiling solution could not be missing. Although it is a straightforward project, it may be the ideal solution for some. Scrap wood on the ceiling and place it horizontally but close enough to the hand.

We list the most used tools to carry out the following projects:


There are many other projects, but I must say that they are almost all similar in the end. I have selected the most representative ones for you, and I hope they can help you organize your waste woods.

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