long window curtains Ideas

Window curtains can be a great way to add personality to a room while also providing privacy and insulation. But before you buy any curtains, it’s essential to measure the window to make sure you buy the correct size. Hanging the wrong size curtains can make a room feel cramped or awkward, so getting the dimensions proper is crucial. In this post, we’ll show you some long window curtains ideas.


Scarsdale Solid Blackout Thermal Grommet Single Curtain Panel

Alcott HillĀ®’s blackout curtains feature an innovative fabric construction for the single-layer blackout. Unlike blackout curtains with stiff lining, Alcott HillĀ® Scarsdale Extra Solid Blackout Thermal Grommet Single Curtain Panel is exceptionally soft and durable. Wide-width curtains are perfect for large windows and patio doors. Features The color from the back of the curtain is still the same as the curtain’s primary color. “I love my Scarsdale Blackout Curtain Panel. I bought one for my living room window and loved it so much that I bought another for my bedroom window. I like that the color from the back is still the same as the front, so it matches my decor. I like that they are durable and easy to wash. I would recommend them to anyone looking for blackout curtains.”””

Malia Curtains, Set of 2

I love curtains because they can change the whole look and feel of a room. I recently bought a new living room suite, and I wanted to purchase white curtains to have a more neutral space. I love the delicate pleats on this set. They give it a traditional look.


This is the perfect summer window dresser because it’s light and airy. I love natural linen. It’s such a refreshing change from so many other curtains. It has a great texture, and it’s so durable. It’s also a beautiful natural color that would go with any room. This is a lovely panel that is made of 100% linen. It is a pure, natural white color that would work in any room. The panel is rod-pocket only and does not have a trim.

Extra long luxury solid linen curtain

Drapes are an essential part of a home. They can help you create the mood that you want in a space and help define the style of the room. There are so many options for different types of drapes, and each one has its look. You can find drapes in various fabrics and styles, including these linen drapes. These curtains are made of linen, a natural, breathable fabric, making these drapes perfect for any space.

Soaring Starlings Curtain

I love Rebecca’s curtains because they remind me of the feeling of being home. I typically like to make a room feel like a comfortable space, and these curtains are perfect for that. The curtains are made from cotton and wool and are ideal for a cabin-style living room.

Linen Blackout Curtains 108 Inches Long 100% Absolutely Blackout Thermal Insulated

Nothing makes a space quite like curtains, and a simple curtain for me finishes a room most elegantly. I like a classic pinch pleat with no trim. It’s not too traditional and not too modern,” says interior designer Alyssa Kapito, who wants to pair the simple silhouettes with a streamlined bronze curtain rod to bring a hint of glamour to a space. Not only are these curtains elegant, but they are also functional. I love how they keep the light out and help maintain warmth in winter and coolness in summer! These curtains are perfect for day sleepers because they will darken the room and provide them with the rest. I love how these curtains finish off a space with a touch of elegance and glamour.

Anjee 4 Panels White Sheer Curtains 96 inches Long Faux

Anjee Curtains are the perfect addition to your home. These sheer voile curtains can be hung separately, or you can pair these sheer curtains with other Anjee blackout curtain panels to complete a stylish layered look. They look great together and perfectly decorate your home. ANJEE Window Treatment Sheer Voile curtains give a light, romantic and airy look to a room by allowing sunlight to pass through the semi-sheer curtains. These lightweight sheer voile curtain panels are stylish to enable you to see outside but still allow for privacy.

100% Blackout Linen Look Patio Door Curtain 96 Inches Long Extra Wide Thermal Insulated Grommet Curtain

The curtains are perfect for my bedroom because I wanted something that would block out the light and keep the room cool. I like how these curtains are also lined for privacy!

Modern Knotted Velvet Solid Room Darkening Rod Pocket Curtain Panels

A stylish yet subtle way to add privacy to a room or divide a room without obstructing the view. The DKNY curtains offer a beautiful, rich color to complement any room.

Pinch Pleat Top Curtains in Solid White (or) Off White Linen Fabric

One of the best window treatments to have in your home is curtains. Curtains are a simple way to make your home feel more elegant and sophisticated. I love having top curtains because they are easy to clean and look great in any setting. I love my curtains to be long and flowing, so I love using a pinch pleat curtain. I had been looking for some new curtains for my living room, and I finally found a pair of pinch pleat curtains that I loved. I ordered them in white, and they were just what I wanted. The curtains were simple, elegant, and had the kind of style I wanted. I like my curtains to hang lower in the windows, so I ordered the curtains with a 52″ width to match my windows. The curtains were easy to hang, and they looked great. I would highly recommend these curtains to anyone looking for new ones!

Seattle Tie Tab Window Curtain Panel in Natural

It’s a tie-top curtain panel made out of a linen and polyester blend, and it’s got a natural color with a tie top, so it’s got an effortless look, but it’s exquisite and sophisticated.

Blush Solid Rod Pocket Room Darkening Curtain

Window treatments are a great way to personalize your bedroom. I’ve always loved the look of a sheer curtain, but if you’re looking for something more opulent, a blackout curtain is a great option.” says interior designer and blogger Jenny Komenda. “It’s just another way to let the personality and style of your room shine.”

Set of 2 Extra Long Basic Velvet Look White Solid Color Curtain

I love these curtains. The color is rich and luxurious. The fabric is soft and has a lovely sheen to it, which adds to the richness of the paint. I know these are meant to be used in a bedroom, but I use them in my living room. I had a lot of light coming in from the windows in my living room, and these curtains helped with that. I can’t say enough how much I love these curtains.

Teal Cherry Blossom Pattern Bio Washed Linen Cotton Curtain Raw

I love these curtains. I also love that they are made from natural materials.

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