How to make an epoxy river table or how to buy a ready-made one

Everyone is crazy about resin river tables. In the beginning, it was do-it-yourself, then the artists arrived, so today, the epoxy resin river tables are depopulating.

You can create incredible works of river tables or buy them ready-made. In this article, we will show you the indications and the best guides on how to build a DIY epoxy river table.

We will also list the best epoxy river tables available on the market and where to buy them.


What is a river table

If we wanted to be brutal, we would say that the epoxy river table is two pieces of wood with resin. In reality, they are more like works of art; the choice of colors and materials and the manual skills of those who build them make a difference in the final result.

The name river table derives from the fact that the epoxy resin between the two tables looks like a flowing river seen from above.

The epoxy river tables are modern but also precious. In fact, they use woods such as oak, walnut, yew, and elm, and their final effect is of significant impact.

How to make an epoxy river table

This is on my to-do list. I am designing an epoxy river table and will share my research on the best tools, materials, and techniques to build a river table that is a focal point in the room.

First, we have to design our table by deciding the type of wood and the type of resin or other material containing our “river.”

Which wood for our epoxy river table

The wooden board we will choose must be as flat as possible and made of dried wood. I have noticed that woods such as oak, walnut, elm, and yew are usually used as a type of wood.

Since I am not practical in cutting wood, I think I will opt for the purchase of two black walnut boards with a sharp angle like these.

Since I want to make a small desk, two 20-inch boards can fit well for me for a cost of $ 27

On Etsy, you can decide the size and depth of the table.

Black Walnut Live Edge Slabs Craft Single Piece Walnut Wood – Etsy

You can choose whether to buy a board to be divided, two separate boards to be joined, or a board with missing natural parts.

What type of epoxy for river table

There are several brands of epoxy resin on the market. In my personal research, I have noticed that terms of processing times, prices, and quantities are very similar. The data where they vary a lot is the necessary drying time which can range from 15 minutes to 72 hours 😨

For my project, I chose this resin:

Good quality and easy to apply and work with. It takes some time to dry (about 48 hours), but I’m not in a hurry and can wait.

What color of epoxy resin?

Obviously, if you think of using epoxy resin, you are also thinking about the color to use. Know that the resin is transparent. You can color it the color you want using either a liquid resin dye or mica powder dye. I advise you not to buy colored resins because they are low quality.

Furthermore, by inserting the color, you can dose intensity and shades.

For my project, I decided to color the resin black. To do this, I’ll take this mica powder dye:

Mica powder is perfect for me because it’s easy to use, non-toxic, cheap in proportion, and has many colors available. The only warning is to use a mask that protects from dust because even if it is not toxic, it is best not to breathe it.

How to calculate epoxy for river table

Calculating how much epoxy is needed for our project is very simple.

Approximating, we can estimate 1 gallon for every 220 cubic inches.

In this short video, you will find an explanation of the calculation of the epoxy required for the river table:

how much does it cost to make a river table

The cost of making an epoxy river table can vary between $ 150 and over $ 2000. This obviously varies according to the size of your project and the type of materials used. For my project, I budgeted to spend about $ 200 on all necessary materials and tools that I don’t have.

If you are not a DIY fanatic, you can buy them ready-made. At the bottom of the article, you will find various proposals with different prices and sizes.

Speaking of costs, before listing the guides to make your epoxy river table, I want to indicate the tools you will need to make it.

What tools do you need to make an epoxy river table?

We have already discussed basic components such as wood, resin, and dye. Obviously, if you are building a table or desk, consider purchasing the legs and small parts.

For these purchases, you can consult Etsy, which has a good supply.

As for the work tools, there would be a lot of talks. Everyone has their favorites. Let’s say that, in principle, you will need:

  • Graduated containers for mixing your resin, I recommend this kit from Amazon, which also includes practical wooden sticks for mixing and funnels of disposable paper.
  • Of the waste wood to make your project’s container, you will not want the resin to come out all over the room when you pour it.
  • Screwdriver, clamps, and chisel that I imagine you will have at home. If you don’t have them, you can take these, 3R00q8f,
  • Sander. This tool is essential because there will be a lot to sand both on the edges and on the excess resin or impurities in the wood. I didn’t have it, and I got this one

How to make a DIY epoxy river table?

The steps to make your DIY epoxy river table are basically these:

  • Preparation and sanding of wood
  • Create the work container where you can then fill the wood with resin
  • Preparation of the epoxy resin
  • Pouring the resin into the wood
  • Sanding first above, then on the edges, and below
  • Finishing our river table and polishing
  • Holes for the legs
  • Fixing the legs to the tabletop
  • further final polishing

There are an excessive amount of guides out there on how to build an epoxy river table. I have selected some for you and for my project.

I found this guide very simple and practical.

I also found this guide very practical and professional. In terms of dimensions, it is close to what I should be making, therefore excellent.

Furthermore, I will also show you this guide which is divided into two parts and explains the various steps well.

where to buy wood for the river table

If you find the process disarming or think the game is not worth the candle, I can tell you that there are many epoxy river tables on the market from every price range.

On Etsy, for example, you can find works that leave you speechless and often not too expensive

In my wanderings, I have selected these among my favorites based on the budget.

Epoxy river table under $ 200

Epoxy river table under $ 500

Epoxy river table under $ 1000


I hope to be able to share my river table project with you soon. In the meantime, I hope this guide and tips will help you with your choice. If you have any advice or suggestions, you can write to me.

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