French Country Flooring Ideas

Do you have a cottage in the countryside to renovate and don’t know which floor to use? Or, like me, do you simply love the country house style and especially the charm of the French Country? Whatever your intention, in this article I will explain how to choose the correct French country flooring ideas for your home.


What type of floors are in a French country house?

A parquet style takes its name from the palace of Versailles, so you can easily guess that in France, the use of wood is a serious matter. However, the Versailles pose is more suitable for townhouses or large, classic mansions.

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In a cottage, it is preferable to have a wooden floor with aligned panels and perhaps use a more rustic wood.

However, there is not only wood. On the contrary, the French Country style manages to express its best even with tiles and bricks. The choice varies by type, taste, and use, as we will see shortly.

French country wood floors

As we said, using wooden floors in French country homes is a certainly appreciated solution.

Personally, I would go for two substantial choices, either very dark wood or a very light one. The choice mainly depends on the style you want to recreate. However, hardwood and one that gives a warm feeling to the room are preferable.

Cottage hardwood floors

Walnut, ash, maple, and oak. These are the hardwoods to consider for your French country cottage.

The choice of wood will undoubtedly make you happy, but you must know that there are also problems. Meanwhile, the wood is more delicate, and if you have pets at home, it could be a problem with their claws. It also requires a higher initial investment than other solutions.

French Country floor tiles

When we talk about French country floor tiles, we enter another magical world of classic and aged-style tiles.

They are beautiful, no doubt about it, especially the terracotta ones. I love them. They are warm and rustic at the same time but also delicate, they stain easily, and the cost is not so modest. On Wayfair, you can find these discounted at $ 11 sq. ft.

Or there are these, even more beautiful but more expensive

Costing $ 24.00 sq. ft. BUY on Etsy

While the other types of tiles are mainly used to decorate the kitchen and bathroom but are just as beautiful and fascinating.

French kitchen floor tiles

If you’ve fallen in love with terracotta, know that your kitchen needs to be white or light in color to match well. This photo is an excellent example of this.

Checkerboard tiles are always in fashion and of sure effect on the kitchen.

elegant and will never tire you.

French country bathroom tiles

For the bathroom floor, on the other hand, you can dare with more imaginative tiles and classic designs of geometries and flowers. To keep with the style of French farmhouse houses, they need to be white and blue or just white with embossed designs.

These, for example, are beautiful if you want to create a mosaic in the whole bathroom.


As you have seen, there are many ways to match a floor in a French Country style home. I must admit that I am always in great difficulty because I like them all. Generally, my favorite mix is ​​wood in the living room, terracotta in the kitchen, and porcelain in the bathroom. What is yours?

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