French Country Fireplace Decorating Ideas

You have a fireplace. You already know what I’m talking about. In this case, the fireplace is the room’s focal point, both figuratively and literally. Whether in a cottage or a townhouse, you may want to consider the French country style for decorating it. The elegance and softness of the French country style can transform your fireplace into a picture to admire and make it the absolute prince of the room.


Why use the French country style for your fireplace.

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French country style has been very fashionable in recent years, and it’s also one of those styles that never really go away. The use of soft and classic lines combined with a range of colors that can also be defined as soft or neutral such as white, beige, and light gray, constitute a style that can be adapted to almost all homes and situations.

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There are basically two ways of interpreting the fireplace, modern and classic. Suppose you want to opt for a modern style. In that case, you can look at this article on linear fireplaces to get an idea. In contrast, if you want to use a more classic and rustic style, especially if your fireplace is traditional, then the country French is the style for you.

What are the essential elements of a French country fireplace

  • Colors
  • Frame shape
  • Decorations above the shelf

French country fireplace colors

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The right colors for your French fireplace are white, cream, and rustic red bricks as another option.

I personally prefer the off-white versions with classic Line like this one below.

Frame shape

The frame must be either strong but not intrusive lines or soft and classic lines. Plaster or limestone decorations are a welcome addition.

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Decor above the mantel

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Okay, we have left perhaps the most crucial aspect of the three for last. Indeed I would dare to say that if one plays well with the decorations of the fireplace, she can transform even an ordinary fireplace into a French country fireplace.


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Flowers are the first element of decoration that I indicate to you. In my opinion, it is the most spectacular. They must be fresh and in season, green, white, in various shades of light pink, and only under Christmas reds. French country doesn’t like too bright colors.


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Both plain and obviously white candles, as well as small classic-style candlesticks, are good. Candles can be placed along the edge of the shelf if you are using low candles and do not have any nearby decorations on top that can get damaged in the heat.

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Otherwise, the most common option is to place them on both sides of the mantel.

Paintings or Mirrors

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Suppose you have left a central space above your fireplace. In that case, you can decorate it with mirrors or paintings, always in a classic style so as not to leave the style being built. In both cases, the gilded frames are an added value.

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The fireplace is a meeting point where you can communicate with loved ones and friends or even just a relaxing corner for yourself, perhaps in front of a good book. We have seen how we can make it more comfortable and well-decorated thanks to the French country style.

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