Best small drink table decorating idea

I accidentally discovered drink tables at a friend’s house and fell in love with them. I have always found it uncomfortable not knowing where to put the glass or cup while reading or watching a movie.

Generally, you get small spaces on tables or shelves dedicated to something else with the risk of overturning everything in addition to great inconvenience.

Instead, these drink tables are perfect because they are small, easily repositioned, and designed.

The watchword of these tables is relaxation! Everything about them is an invitation to relax. There is something highly comfortable in a table always at hand.

Below we report a roundup of drink tables that we have selected by type of design, materials used, style, and space occupied.


What do you call a drink table?

A small table, usually located next to a chair, armchair, or sofa, on which drinks such as cocktails and coffee cups or for holding ashtrays, snack bowls, glasses, small magazines, etc., can be served or placed.

What do you put on a table for drinks?

As we said before, the use of the drink table is not exclusive to drinks but can also be used to store various small items, such as bowls or small vases. However, the most common setting includes a coaster that can be of different materials, on which the glass for the cocktail is placed.

Small drink table wood

The wooden drink tables are versatile and very popular, which adapt to different design styles. Here are some solutions.

Dip-Dyed Stools

drink table

I have one word for the Dip-Dyed Stools by Obrigado–perfection! The craftsmanship is exquisite, and the design is perfect. It’s hard to believe one person could handcraft these stools. I’m in love with the natural imperfections and the vibrant colors.

The fact that it’s handmade makes it all the more special. I’m considering buying one for myself and one as a gift for my sister.

small drink table for outdoor

When it comes to drinking tables, one immediately thinks of their versions for interiors, but you should know that there are also models of drink tables designed for the outdoors. They are usually placed between two chairs or next to a garden bed. The most common materials are wood, wrought iron, and stone.

small drink table on budget

Not only the absolute best drink tables, but we wanted to select for you some models that stand out for their low cost while being stylish products.

Triangular White Marble And Gold Metal Tasha Drink Table

drink table

This piece is a petite drink table with style and function. This piece is made of metal with a gold finish and white marble. With its voguish triangular design, this versatile piece also makes a stunning showcase for a beloved plant or artwork. This piece comes fully assembled and is perfect for sliding close to your chair or sofa.

How do you make a small drinking table? DIY 

In this video, the author will show you how to make a gorgeous drink table for about 25 bucks. I saw something just like it on Creighton barrel’s website for a hundred and fifty dollars. Show you how easy this is in this video.

Other Best small drink tables selected

And here we are at our selection of the best drink tables you can find on the market with the related links to the shop. Let us know what you think and your reviews.

Harmon Martini Table

Harmon Antique Brass Martini Table home furniture image

This is an excellent product for easy entertaining. The Harmon Martini Table is a nice size for a single drink and lightweight enough to carry anywhere. The height is perfect for sipping martinis or any other beverage. The tray at the top catches any drips, so you don’t have to worry about spilling. The different colors are an excellent option.

Nadia Side Tables

Nadia Round Side Tables Ballard Designs product image

Nadia Side Tables are a must for any home. The detail on the sides is just beautiful, and the different sizes will find a perfect spot in your home. The height and diameter of these tables will fit into any space, and the deep fluted details just set them apart. The Vintage Champagne finish is almost perfect with the design, so if you’re looking for a bit of pop of color, this would be the table for you. These tables will not disappoint, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a new side table.

Bryes Iron End Table

Bryes Iron End Table

The Boyes Iron End Table is a perfect addition to a bohemian-themed living room. The table is white and features a large piece of marble on the top. The table was built with a sturdy iron frame and can hold up to 25 pounds.

Faceted Brass Drink Table

drink table

The Bryes Iron End Table is a perfect addition to a bohemian-themed living room. The table is white and features a large piece of marble on the top. The table was built with a sturdy iron frame and can hold up to 25 pounds.

Cherri Steel End Table

Walt Steel End Table

My old metal table was not sturdy and had a small top, so I had trouble setting it up with anything on it. Enter the Cherri Steel End Table. The metal table has a sturdy base and is lightweight, with a large top is just perfect for setting drinks and food on. It’s a cute and practical addition to any living space and has a rustic and industrial look. I am so happy with my purchase and recommend it to anyone with a similar need!

Kate and Laurel Celia Round Metal Foldable Accent Table with Tray Top, Gold

drink table

The Celia collection brings a pop of glamour to your home decor! This metal pop-up end table is designed with perfect height to fit in a tight space next to a bed or alongside a sofa. It also makes an adorable plant stand! With beautifully elegant straight legs, a round tray tabletop surface, and the option to fold away for storage, this small pedestal table will be the perfect accent piece in your home. The tray top secures the legs with magnets to allow for sturdy display and easy remove-ability.

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