Best Expert’s Advice on kitchen pantry ideas

The pantry, for me, has always been a big black hole where the various dishes were lost, and I never managed to take control of it until I implemented the best strategies the experts took. If you want to tidy up your pantry, too, I’m about to point you to the simple tips from the experts.


How to organize the kitchen pantry

To reorganize the pantry, we must first think about how to organize the various foodstuffs. Doing a search on all interior design sites, these are the main tips:

Glass bottles and jars at eye level

There are discordant voices on this, but it seemed an excellent rule, especially if you have children or pets around the house. The glass is enough to hit it to break it, and seeing the oil or wine on the ground is the last thing we want. So not only in an elevated position, but the advice is to place them at eye level or slightly higher to avoid involuntarily bumping them.

Small shelves with high edge

For all those tiny bottles or containers for spices and various herbs, the advice is to use small shelves to use little space and have them all in line. In fact, it is always challenging to search among the various bottles. In this way, they are all visible. It is also advisable to use a high edge for the shelf. Even a thin wooden rod is enough. The important thing is to prevent the bottles from falling.

To label

It seems trivial but labeling the boxes and containers helps a lot. Maybe you can choose prettier labels instead of the cool ones produced by the labelers.

Eliminate packaging and use uniform containers

This was great advice for me. I used to take things and put them as they came from the supermarket. On the other hand, I use practical transparent containers, both plastic, and glass, for foods such as pasta, legumes, etc. I remove all the packaging, optimize the space and not only create a beautiful design effect, but I have everything in sight so that the eye can find the right food in a hurry.

Keep frequent items close at hand

Beneficial advice is to keep the one we use most frequently closer to you. In my case, having salt and spices at hand while I cook helps me a lot.

Tubers on the ground

image from Pinterest

We first talked about the objects that must be at the top. Well, now I tell you that according to the experts, there must be various tubers such as onion and potatoes close to the ground. The reasons are simple: they are generally dirty with earth and need some air, plus they are also heavy, so it is best to have them in baskets close to the ground.

Kitchen Pantry design ideas

Now that we know how to organize the pantry, we have to find design solutions suitable for our kitchen.

Here are the solutions most loved by design experts.

The understairs

Often, the basement is a totally unused part of the house, where we randomly pile things or leave them empty for dust. Well, know that you can use a basement to create your pantry as in these examples. You can opt for either a room arrangement or on shelves on sliding trolleys.

The first solution in Gina Biancaniello’s proposal is suitable if the staircase is far from the kitchen or there is little space in the corridor. The second option is valid if the basement is attached to the kitchen and there is enough space to slide the drawers.

The Closet

This is a classic solution, using a closet adjacent to the kitchen as a pantry.

Suppose you are one of the lucky ones to have this possibility. In that case, you can convert a closet into a beautiful pantry.

Needless to say, it is a solution of great luxury and comfort. Unfortunately, I cannot apply it in my current home.

The Niche or dedicated Mobile

If you cannot apply the first solutions like me, you can fall back on the niche or dedicated furniture.

Suppose you have an unused corner or wall available in the kitchen. In that case, you can create beautiful pantries with wood or plasterboard, using all the open space.

If you can’t or don’t want to do it, you can always dedicate an entire kitchen cabinet to the pantry to have all the products in one place.

If you then organize everything with the experts’ suggestions at the beginning of the article, the result is guaranteed.

Exotic Solutions

Some design experts have also recommended exotic solutions where there is a need to cover our small spices or dishes. As in the case of this niche covered with a painting proposed by Annie Schlechter. Spectacular results and certain points of conversation with guests.

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