17 Fantastic bedroom flower decoration

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh flowers in the morning, but if you’re not a morning person, you can still enjoy the benefits of flowers in your bedroom. Flowers have been shown to boost mood, reduce stress, and promote better sleep, so there are plenty of reasons to incorporate them into your bedroom décor.

Never fear if you’re not sure how to incorporate flowers into your bedroom décor! We’ve compiled a list of ten ways to add flowers to your bedroom, from simple centerpieces to dramatic accent walls. And don’t worry, we’ve included options for both natural and faux flowers, so you can choose the option that best fits your lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Get started on adding some floral flair to your bedroom today!


DIY Floreal Wall

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Make a flower accent wall! You can use both real and fake flowers for this type of decoration. It is good to use flowers that make up a bouquet, alternating long stems with short stems. It is also good to use single flowers for this type of effect. You can follow this guide if you want to make your own or buy the flowers on Amazon and proceed on your own. Minimal but fantastic solution.

Arch Flowers

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Typically used in wedding decorations, this floral arch can be a good idea to create a kind of magical entrance portal

To make an arch of flowers, you will need:

Fake flowers (or real flowers, if you prefer)

Floral wire



  1. Begin by attaching the fake flowers to the floral wire. You can do this by wrapping the wire around the stem of the flower or by using tape to secure the flower to the wire.
  2. Once all the flowers are attached to the wire, shape the wire into an arch.
  3. Hang the arch on a door or wall using tape.

Rose on Coffee Table

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Rose on the coffee table.
If you have a white room, insert a vase with pink roses, they will make your bedroom unique. You can use real roses and fake roses like these, which are really well done.

Artificial Flower Wall 

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You can decorate your bedroom with a whole wall of flowers. You can create walls with real flowers (complicated to maintain), plants (a little easier but still requires a lot of maintenance), or silk flowers. In this example, a wall is created with roses of various shades of pink and purple with a few hints of yellow here and there.

In the Green

Welcome to the Jungle. If you have a bedroom with excellent sun exposure, you can invade the room with evergreen plants. In addition to the scenographic effect, I assure you that your mood will definitely improve at the sight of the plants. it is a comfortable feeling to be surrounded by greenery

Rose Wallpaper

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Real and fake flowers and drawn flowers can be excellent decorations for your bedroom, as in the case of this wallpaper with roses and bees.

Colorful Flowers and Leaves Floral Wallpaper

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Again concerning floral wallpaper. This solution is a true floral triumph to which you can also combine two real plants to complete the look. if you like natural or green style wallpapers, you can find some selections here

Paper Flower for baby room

In the baby room, it is not good to use fresh flowers that could generate sneezing or attract insects, but you can not give up floral decorations, using fake flowers in silk or paper as in this example above

Flower Lamp

If you can’t quench your desire for flowers in the bedroom, you can also opt for a flower-shaped lamp like the one above. The effect is guaranteed.

Hydrangeas behind Mirror

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I love hydrangeas. They are among my favorite flowers. Therefore, we could not miss an idea to decorate the bedroom with flowers, which did not take hydrangeas as an example.
For example, a vase of beautiful white hydrangeas are placed in front of the mirror, a stylish solution that will please your eyes and heart.

Boho Flower Decor

The Boho style is very fashionable. If you are converting your bedroom to pure boho style, but you do not want to give up flowers, you can opt for beautiful vases with pampas flowers. For example, a vase of stunning white hydrangeas are placed in front of the mirror, a stylish solution that will please your eyes and heart.

Green Over your Head

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You can tie a trunk to the ceiling from which to hang small pots with pot plants and vines to have plants and flowers above your head. What’s more beautiful than opening your eyes and seeing nature’s green?

Flower Details

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You can also create small decorations and details of a floral type, such as these ribbons for your bedroom curtains made with fabric roses

Flowers? No olives.

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You can create a cozy corner with flowers in your bedroom without properly using flowers. As in this example, where a vase of olive branches decorates the bedside table

Farmhouse Style

How to decorate your farmhouse bedroom with flowers? You can use seasonal flowers like in this case where a crockpot contains allium flowers.

French Charme

Pure French style for these aluminum cups that contain small field flowers. A truly stylish decoration that will immediately make you feel like you are in Provence. If you do not have fresh flowers, you can replace them with dried flowers, perhaps lavender always to remain in the Provencal theme.

Trees with a pond

Finally, we propose a solution that is not for everyone, but for those who want to dream, know that there is the possibility of installing trees with an adjoining pond in the bedroom. For lovers of luxury and nature, this style solution becomes very interesting.

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