12 Castle Interior Design Inspirations

I have always been fascinated by castles, it may be for the stories of fairy tales or for the very mysterious and fascinating historical period in which they were built, the fact is that when I can I go to visit them.

Not many can live in castles, but what we mere mortals can do is get inspired by them.

In this article, I will show you some interior design ideas taken directly from castles with the possibility (with a little patience and imagination) to apply them in our homes.

Decorate your home like a castle

The inspirations I will show you are drawn from real houses or castles, and I have decided to divide them by type of home decor style.

French Country Castle interior design

image from Pinterest

This splendid room is located in the Ch√Ęteau de Sully in France in the Burgundy region. The style is a pure classic French Country with pale stone ceilings, walls, and fine decorations.

The walls and doors are decorated with beautiful green-colored wooden panels to reflect the country style but with fine classic decorations. The chairs on the sides are also in pure French Country style, and you can buy similar ones even today.

The parquet with obviously Versailles-type arrangement is typical and inevitable. However classic, this design is replicable and adaptable to many modern homes.

image from Pinterest

In the Castle du Grand-Luce, in this splendid photo taken from the book of the same name that you find here, we find a splendid living room in classic French Country.

Still, excluding the walls that are actually very classic, the rest of the design is easily replicable even for us mere mortals. We find a three-seat sofa and two armchairs around a small coffee table.

A coffee table that is not unique in the room but flanked by two others higher is useful for adding decorations such as vases with flowers, books, or photos. Even the lights are in perfect French country style and represent an effective decoration even when turned off.

The two goose-shaped statues that connect the countryside with the entrance to the house are also nice.

image from Pinterest

A veranda directly from a small French Country style Chateaux. Look how beautiful the corner cabinet that almost disappears with the stone walls and creates a gentle curve by eliminating the edge of the wall.

The seats around the table are of the same color with a hint of yellow. Then there are beautiful paintings that cover the wall and portray flowers and fruits, the right connection with what is outside.

This veranda can also be replicated in your home without too much effort.

image from Pinterest

A French Country-style Chateaux located in North Carolina and the perfect example of how you can recreate the interior of a castle even in your own home. In this case, the main dish is the cuisine.

Double a central island with a large plant in the center. Iron bar stools and all the furniture and decorations that scream French countryside. You can recreate this kitchen in your home with little effort and adaptation.

British West Indies Style Castle interior design

image from Pinterest

This English colonial-style castle is actually from 1929 and was built by architects Schwartz and Gross. The colonial-style blends with the Tudor style, the inevitable tropical plants flank the pale stone walls, and you can glimpse a finely decorated fireplace.

image from Pinterest

This corner in pure English colonial style makes it all great. Tropical plants blend perfectly with the classic English style. The porcelain vases with blue decorations blend with the blue of the curtains and ceiling.

We can get from this photo that we can fearlessly combine blue and light blue even with dark woods such as walnut.

image from Pinterest

This splendid living room is located in Ireland in the exquisite Birr Castle. We can see how very classic elements such as the vaulted ceiling and the wallpaper or the chandelier are associated with furniture and decorations that are easy to find even today, such as the style of the armchairs and chairs, the cocktail table used for the lamp and the evergreen plants to recall the colonial style.

image from Pinterest

This photo is from a Barbadian mansion, showing us how to use the colonial style to make a beautiful transit area.

Everything, from the decorations to the materials, reminds us that the style is that of the indies, and we don’t mind at all. This style is easily replicable in any home.

Modern Castle Interior Design

image from Pinterest

Roses and romance for this modern castle room. The decorations with metal roses and the finely decorated white walls in a classic style create a unique, romantic, feminine effect.

Perhaps not easy to replicate at home, but you can think of using a mirror and a small table decorated very similarly and applying decorations or wallpapers to recreate the desired effect.

image from Pinterest

This little corner shows us how little it takes to make us feel in a castle. It could very well be a cottage. Still, the style of the window and the wall immediately make us think of a beautiful Renaissance castle.

image from Pinterest

The same goes for this bay window in a shot by Matthew Allton. The whole wall and floor are decorated with dark wood, and the castle-style windows make our dream as soon as we see them.

image from Pinterest

If I had a winter garden, this is how I would like it to be. Splendid in every detail, the windows and the glass apartment are a real gem. Interior design is easily replicable even at home with elements that can be found on the market without too much effort.

The flowers in the center of the table are a triumph.


As we have seen, some houses and castles make us dream with open mouths with styles and decorations that will leave you speechless. What I will do now, in addition to looking for a castle to visit as soon as possible, will be to try to apply some style solutions to my small rooms.

What inspiration drove you the most?

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